Январь 7, 2017


EquiFit is about physical development of your horse (and you).

It is wonderful to have good relationships and dialogue with your horse. It is like a stable fundament to start raising a beautiful house on. If you start to build something on a shaky ground it will not be able to stand.  You also can choose to stay on the level of relationships doing nothing or nothing difficult to avoid possible misunderstanding in your dialogue. So you decide to always stay on the ground floor and not build a palace on it.. It is always your choice!


But life is not only about comforting, saving us and giving goodies. It is also about challenges, stress and pressure from the environment. To be able to cope with these challenges effectively and without chronic stress we must be well developed physically and mentally, balanced and strong.

Horse’s physical body is oriented horizontally and gravitation year after year makes the spine of your horse sag. Natural crookedness, non perfect conformation and weight of the rider add to this destructive process.
Just like humans, horses need to exercise at regular basis to gain strength and suppleness in their bodies to be able to move with grace, pride and lightness. Good physical training helps to achieve healthy and balanced spirit and mind.

And you also need to improve your coordination, stamina, strength and balance to be able to become one with your horse working from the ground or riding her.



EquiFit contains series of gymnastic exercises you can use as a tool to improve balance, coordination, lightness and mobility of your horse, make her healthy, happy and fit. It does not matter what age, breed and character your horse (and you) has.

EquiFit is for every horse and horseman.

Following EquiFit series you can find ways to improve relaxation, suppleness, flexibility and strength of your horse. You can teach your horse EquiFit exercises at riding arena or at the pasture.

They can be done in hand, in riding and at liberty.

And remember, EquiFit is not about exercises. It is about the essence hidden in these exercises.