Январь 7, 2017


EquiSense is about understanding your horse and teaching a horse to understand your behavior and cues. It includes basic information about horses and human-horse interactions that every horseman should know as it helps improve understanding, cooperation and unity of your partnership.

Understanding horses requires a good knowledge of equine behavior and psychology. We should abandon anthropomorphic approach to animals and learn to see the world ‘through the eyes of a horse’. It really helps prevent conflicts and solve behavioral issues effectively and quickly.


If we want our horses to understand us well we need to refine the aids we use to communicate with them. This implies a good control of our body, emotions and energy.

Only when we have enough control we can give clear and consistent cues to our horse.


At the very first lessons with a horse the most important task is to achieve attention, discipline and trust. The horse may lack one or more of these things at the same time.

After that, we teach the horse the basic cues: go, stop, turn, come, go faster/slower and so on. Later we start combining different simple cues to get more complex movements and behaviors.

At first we work with tack but the final goal is to be able to perform all those movements at liberty, guiding the horse only with your body language and voice.