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Tried many methods and still not happy? You are in the right place now!

It does not matter what activity you do with horses — equestrian sports, recreational riding or trick training — you probably dream of becoming true friends and partners with your horse. You value good relationships with him, take care of his health and, moreover, want to train and grow mentally and spiritually together. We have this goal too! And we founded EquiFlow to make lives of horses and their owners better. EquiFlow – is a holistic approach to horse training. It includes step-by-step development of human’s theoretical and practical knowledge and its application to horse education. As a result you can achieve balanced relationships with your horse based on trust, understanding, love, friendship and mutual respect and every moment spent together will bring you joy and happiness.

EF team

We founded EquiFlow (EF) for better life of horses and horseowners!

Marina Krasilshchikova

«When you put love and passion in what you do you just have no chance to fail»
My main interest is developing a horse physically, mentally and spiritually in a light and positive way. I have skills in straightness training, bitless academic art of riding, liberty training. I am a vet by education, PhD in biology and horse trainer

Maria Samarina

«Cool to have goals but do not loose the sense of joy in the process of achieving!»
Even being a mother myself I stay a forever child. I still remember what I dreamt about when I was a little girl. Me dream was about being real friends with a horse, becoming ONE, breath and move together. And my dream came true! I know that many girls have the same dreams and I am here to help them.


«You do not need to be a scientist to let science improve the life of your horse»
When communicating with horses I like combining logic and science with creativity and emotionality in a balanced way. Liberty work is my final goal and inspiration. Knowledge helps to solve all the problems on the way to it and sensitivity lets me enjoy every single moment of it.

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